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My name is Carol Brech and I have been involved with Labrador Retrievers for 25 years. Together with my husband Peter and our two children Christopher and Jennifer we care for 13 labrador retrievers. Our dogs have competed in most venues available to Labradors but predominately we enjoy showing in conformation with them. Throughout the 25 years we have owned and trained Labradors more than 27 dogs have earned a title with our name on it.


Shadybrook has been involved with Labrador Retrievers for almost 25 years.

We bought our first dog "Tasha" from a puppy mill and learned early on the differences between a well produced dog and one raised incorrectly.  Yes she was registered with the CKC but it didn't change the fact that she came from a production line of Labradors.  As time moved on we found the right breeder, bought Rawley and he was a dream come true.  He had it all, the looks, the attitude and when he walked in the ring he shone.  We finished Rawley before he was 8 months old and then we were winning Best of Breeds over top Labradors at the time.  I was hooked by then and showing dogs just became the thing to do on weekends.  As the best laid plans go Rawley was not meant to be.  We x-rayed him at 2 years old and he was a grade 4 displasia!  We were devastated, how could this be?  Of course that put a very quick end to his show career and we neutered him and again moved on.  The rest as they say is history some ups and some downs, but here we are 25 years later and still loving the Labrador for all of it's qualities.  We currently own 13 Labradors and they range in age from 12 years to 5 months old.  We produce very few litters, breeding for ourselves first.

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Located in beautiful Waubaushene Ontario we are 1/2 hour from Barrie and Midland and 1 & 1/2 hours from Toronto

Driving Directions from Toronto, ON to Waubaushene, ON

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Thinking about co-owning a puppy with a breeder?
Get informed before you commit.
Make sure you understand and know all the risk factors.
Don't set yourself up to be a means of profit for irresponsible breeding.
Many puppy mills operate in this fashion producing puppies from
dogs that are raised in "pet homes" only to return for
maternal duties.  Creating large profit margins for the breeder
and huge risk factors for your dog.